Our Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: When are items shipped?

A: Items purchased online are shipped by School Kine Cookies as soon as they are received, directly to the person in the shipping address portion of the checkout. Items sold online are not picked up from the fundraiser distribution because they will have already been shipped.

Q: Who ships the items?

A: Items purchased online are shipped by School Kine Cookies.

Q: Do students receive reward credit for orders?

A: Yes. Students receive reward credit for all items sold on These sales, the items they sell online, are automatically added to any items sold with the student's fundraising packet, so that they will receive prize credit for all items sold online PLUS all items sold with their fundraising envelope.

Q: How do magazine vouchers work?

A: Magazine vouchers are printed certificates that can be used by the ordering individual or given as a gift. To redeem the voucher for a magazine subscription, bearer of voucher only needs to follow the included redemption instructions. Instructions include the options of redemption via mail, telephone, or online. Vouchers can be used to subscribe to new magazines or to renew an existing subscription.

Q: Can I see the names of people who purchased for my fundraiser?

A: Email or call Matt for a complete list of orders associated with your account. Please provide the fundraiser name, student name, and reference number for faster processing. or (808) 292-4341.